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She Is Luminous


I create my artwork with the intention of celebrating all that is pure and beautiful in our divine universe. Transforming our shadows through alchemy and bringing light to the struggles we face in life with unconditional love, nurturing and radiant luminosity. A lot of my inspiration comes from celebrating the divine feminine, the magic that surrounds us daily that we sometimes forget to see and the higher powers.


My work is done intuitively through energy and this is how my creations are born. I am an intuitive spiritual artist, not to be confused with a graphic designer. My work comes from the higher powers graciously through my heart and soul.


I am available for taking on commissioned pieces and love collaborating with others on the same path. It is my honour to help bring your visions to life to create something we are mutually truly happy with. To enable this and ensure we are the right match for each others’ work we will arrange to book in a video call where you can describe what your visions are for the piece or project. In this call you can brief me on themes and anything you would specifically like me to include. Clarity and communication is key here so I can help bring your vision to life but once the brief is done I must be given creative freedom as this is the process I work in and must honour this. I can do up to 2 re-edits to ensure your happiness with the creations. If this process doesn’t align with your vision then a graphic designer might be more appropriate. Please be clear upon what you require when you message me and provide as much detail as possible.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for resonating with my work, it is truly humbling and I am so incredibly grateful. Love, light and blessings to you.

Please Note I take payment upfront for small commissions, and a deposit for larger projects. Non refundable to protect my time and precious energy.


Aligned with the cosmos

She is luminous

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